Central-Station Monitoring

Having a security or fire system for your business installed by Alarmex is the first step towards securing your assets. The next step is to allow us to provide Central Station Monitoring for your system via our 24-hour, UL listed, CSAA5 Diamond Certified Central Station.

When choosing Alarmex, you have the flexibility of choosing the method in which your system is Monitored. Being in business since 1982, we are well experienced in watching over your system using traditional telephone lines. However, we are committed to utilizing the latest in technological advancements in an effort to improve the reliability and speed in which your system events are transmitted to our Central Monitoring Station. Accordingly, we offer Wireless Monitoring for our Commercial Security Systems that also allows our customers to take advantage of our Interactive Services. For our Commercial Fire customers, we offer Fire Radios that utilize MESH networking which eliminates the need to pay for analog telephone lines.

Regardless of how your Security of Fire System communicates with our Central Monitoring Station, we are able to notify our Customers of System Activity via Telephone; Email; Text-Message; and for designated accounts, can provide a login to your account.

When choosing, Alarmex, rest assured that our Central Monitoring Station is dedicated to bringing you a higher level of security and service, whether you are at home or on the road – every minute of the day.