Get the latest in remote energy management

Alarmex, Inc. is proud to partner with in continuing to offer our customers methods to improve energy efficiency in their homes and businesses. The latest offering, Geo-Services, uses your location in conjunction with a smart thermostat to make automation seamless and optimizes for energy savings, whether you’re in your home or away.

While most smart thermostats guess about activity around the house by looking into one room, Geo Services technology analyzes a variety of data to optimize energy management. After opting into this service, leaving your home (while carrying your cell phone) will result in your home adjusting to save energy and will readjust to comfortable levels before you return.

The technology is integrated into the services platform which allows customers to receive reminders via text/email if they leave their home and forget to arm the security system or close the garage door.

For additional information on how yo can take advantage of this energy and cost saving technology, please contact us.