Personal Safety

Alarmex is proud to be on the forefront of the Personal Safety Industry. We recognize people want to feel safe regardless of whether they’re in their own home – or out and about. Accordingly, we offer two programs that are tailored to both the active person, and to people who spend a majority of time in the comfort of their own home.

Protection Away from Home – MyPersonna

For the mobile individual, Alarmex, Inc. takes advantage of the latest technology to offer MyPersonna, a mobile, Personal Emergency Reporting Service. Unlike other GPS monitoring solutions, MyPersonna is simply a free app downloaded onto your existing Smartphone. For a minimal monthly fee, customers have the convenience of pressing an SOS icon on their phone whenever the situation arises. Doing so will result in instant contact with our professionally trained operators who will be able to assist you and “see” your location. The app includes an Accident/Impact/Fall detection feature that will trigger an alert to the Central Station Operator who will then respond accordingly.

The applications for this device are endless – but here are a few suggestions:

  • Young children at school
  • Teenagers driving their first car
  • Skiers & others who enjoy remote winter sports
  • Boaters
  • Active senior citizens

Protection At Home

For those who either spend a majority of their time at home or are primarily concerned about needing assistance only while in their home, we are pleased to announce our Personal Emergency Reporting System, a supervised wireless emergency reporting product designed for medical alert applications. The tabletop or wall-mount Console provides push-button emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind.

The Console receives signals from up to 4 wireless pendents. Activating a pendent causes the Console’s digital communicator to send the appropriate alarm report to the central monitoring station via the standard telephone network. After receiving an Emergency signal from the system, the Central Station Operator will be able to speak with the individual via their wireless pendant.