Virtual Care System

Virtual Care System devicesAlarmex, Inc. is pleased to introduce its breakthrough Virtual Care System designed to offer peace-of-mind to those who are concerned about the safety and security of family members living alone.

This wireless, web-based monitoring technology gives individuals who might otherwise need institutional or on-site supervision the ability to live alone without compromising their well-being or incurring significant costs for institutional care.

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Gain security without sacrificing technology

We are all living longer, but sometimes we need assistance. Assisted living facilities are expensive and some of our elderly family members simply want to continue an independent lifestyle. With our Virtual Care System we can have the best of both worlds.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to “check-in” on your loved one without ever compromising their privacy or independence. By doing so, this non-invasive system extends the time individuals can remain in their homes and reduces the financial, emotional and physical toll placed on caregivers.

The Virtual Care System is a cost-effective, home-based monitoring solution that enables seniors and disabled individuals to live independently at home while staying “virtually” connected to loved ones and/or professional care providers.

Reliable technology

The system design is simple and reliable. An Alarmex, Inc. representative will walk through the premises with the customer to determine locations throughout the home that record “high-activity” on a daily basis. Such locations may include the kitchen, master bedroom, and medicine cabinet. Sensors will then be installed in these locations. If the sensors installed in these areas are not “tripped” during pre-established time schedules, an automatic email and/or text message will transmit to concerned individuals.

In addition to these alert messages, subscribers can log-in remotely to check on real-time activity, as well as use live video to assist in determining the urgency of any notification or simply to look in and make certain all is well with loved ones.

  • Remote Access
    Remotely log-in via our secured web or PDA interface to check on real-time activity.
  • Email or cell phone alerts
    Upon detecting an activity or inactivity outside of the resident’s normal daily pattern, a notification is transmitted via email and/or text message.
  • Optional Video Monitoring
    Live feed or event-triggered recording is available to capture video of relevant activity.


Get the peace-of-mind you and your loved ones deserve. Call Alarmex, Inc. today and discover how easy it is to put the Virtual Care System to work for you. A caring professional will listen to your unique needs, answer any questions, and schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation.