Troubleshooting Basics

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding troubleshooting your system. Also refer to the manufacturer’s users manual for additional information:

My code didn’t work; what should I do?

Relax, pause, hit the “Cancel” button and try your PIN code again. If this doesn’t work or if you continue to have problems, your may have worn-out digits on your keypad due to repeated use. Solutions would be to replace the keypad or to change the code to avoid using the same digits.

What does it mean when my keypad shows “NOT READY?”

This is the keypad’s way of telling you that there is a condition present affecting one or more of the security devices and the system is not ready to be turned on. It will require that you correct the condition before the keypad will allow you to arm the system. Common devices to check are the door/window contacts, which may mean that a window or door is still open. Or, a motion detector may be sensing movement.

I cannot arm my alarm system because I cannot get a zone to close, even though nobody is moving in front of a motion sensor and the doors are all secured. What shall I do?

This happens sometimes when a device malfunctions. You can still arm the system but you will have to bypass the problematic zone. You also need to call Alarmex, Inc. @ 800-696-8872 to schedule a service visit.

How do I “Bypass” a zone?

On most systems, you can simply hit the “Bypass” button followed by the desired zone # followed by the “Bypass” button. For Commercial systems you will be prompted to enter your code prior to bypassing a zone. Consult your manual for further information or call ALARMEX.

Will my system still work if I lose power in my home/business?

Your system has its own battery that is capable of sustaining normal operation for several hours. This battery is also capable of powering the siren and the alarm communicator if the system goes into alarm. It recharges automatically whenever the power is restored.

How long do the batteries last?

The system battery in the alarm panel is a rechargeable type that is kept charged automatically. The backup battery in the control panel should be replaced at least every five years. If you have wireless sensors, the batteries are disposable; however, these batteries last many months or even years are only rarely need replacement. You may notice that a wireless device in a high traffic area such as a hallway or entry may need a battery replacement long before one in a less-often used area. Your keypad will normally display a low-battery warning when a battery needs replacement. Wireless transmitters (lithium) batteries typically last two to three years, and may be purchased in almost any supermarket, hardware, or drug store.

What does my keypad mean when it displays “NO AC” or “AC Loss?”

The keypad will display “No AC” when the system no longer has electrical current. You will need to check the outlet and the transformer to ensure that the outlet is working correctly and that the transformer has not been disconnected. If the outlet and transformer are working correctly, please call ALARMEX, INC. for service.